Nordis Travel Award 2017 Presented in Three Categories

Nordis Travel Award 2017 Presented in Three Categories

Already for the third time in succession, the Nordis Travel Award was conferred by Nordis Verlag in cooperation with Messe Essen within the framework of the ScandinavianWorld. The marks of distinction were bestowred on outstanding Nordic destinations, travel operators from the German-speaking area (DACH) as well as, since 2017, websites for the first time, too. A jury consisting of experienced travel journalists as well as employees of Nordis Verlag acknowledged particularly innovative and eventful offerings on the subject of Scandinavian trips. These are the winners in the individual categories:

Category: "Nordic Destinations"

1st place: "Vuokatti Safaris" from Finland for its "Deserted Island Excursions" which permit unique experiences of nature on lonely islands in Finland.
2nd place: "Blaafarveværket" from Norway.
3rd place: "Visit Lahti" from Finland.

Category: "Travel Operators"

1st place: "Rucksack Reisen Münster" for its "Wintercamp Idre" in Sweden which presents the Swedish winter from its best side with snowshoe hikes, dog and snowmobile tours as well as a large number of other offerings.
2nd place: "Fintouring" aus Burgwedel.
3rd place: "Katla Travel" from Munich.

Category: "Websites"

1st place: for recounting stories and travel experiences from a very personal perspective and for an outstanding website design.
2nd place:
3rd place:

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